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Polish Toppers in Hilversum

On the 21st of November the winners of the Polish person of the year contest in the Netherlands were officially announced during the Gala in the Studio 21 in Hilversum.

The winners of the contest are:

Category: Science and technology-Prof. Katarzyna (Kasia) Czabanowska

Category: Business-Ewa Kowalska

Category: Culture-Piotr Jasiurkowski

Category: The Young Successful Pole- Kasia Karpińska

Category: Honorary Polonus-Wim Willems

Category: Public award, candidate chosen by the internet users- Monika Mączka.

Prof. Katarzyna (Kasia) Czabanowska is a director of MA studies at Maastricht University and renowned expert in the field of Governance, Leadership in European Public Health.

Ewa Kowalska is an owner of MediSalt, Center of Sea Climate. She uses as the first one in the Netherlands technology which has been patented in 143 countries.

Piotr Jasiurkowski is a violinist. The artist performed as a solist with many major orchestras abroad and appeared in many festivals, including Sinfonia Varsovia, Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin, National Philharmonic Orchestra of Estonia, Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Korean Chamber Ensemble and Sinfonie Orchester Biel.

Kasia Karpińska is an academic teacher and researcher at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and she performs research on the family situation of Polish immigrants.

Wim Willems is a professor at the Leiden University, historian and writer who has been interested in Poland for more than thirty years. He is an author of the book”’Sto lat tesknoty’’ dealing with the history of Polish citizens in the Netherlands, his field of interest are also Polish and Ukrainian Jewish people in Scheveningen.

Monika Mączka has been living in the Netherlands since 2007. She is a master hairstylist and an official teacher of hairstyling.

The 4th edition of the Polish person of the year contest was attended by around 750 guests including His Excellency, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Jan Borkowski, Phd and His Excellency Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland Mr Paul Bekkers. During the Gala the audience admired the dinner show artists from the Netherlands, Polish artists Monika Lewczuk, Rafał Malicki and Michal Michalak and Miss Poland Ewa Mielnicka. Dj Nikusa took care of the After Party.

The Polish person of the year contest is organized by the Polonus foundation whose president is Ms Hanna Hummel.

Sources: Communications-Unlimited

Photos: Gosia Lubbers-Dąbrowska, Communications-Unlimited


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